Our Fine Foundation

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Our Fine Foundation
Only the right make-up goes with the right skincare. This means products which do not irritate or clog up the skin, but instead let it radiate. Starting with the basics; a fine, smooth Foundation. We can now say our own Foundation. 

Why didn’t we already have it?

It was a recurring question: doesn’t Dr. Jetske Ultee have a make-up range? A fine Foundation, for instance; why didn’t we have that? Indeed a waste of time taking care of your skin each day with good ingredients and then perhaps applying incorrect make-up. A true waste indeed. It wasn’t easy coming up with the ‘appropriate answer’ for the market.

Active substances, no irritating ingredients

It was not an easy task, creating a product which precisely satisfied the wishes and demands of Dr. Jetske Ultee. It needed to be a Foundation which would feel silky smooth. A cream which could give a super, light coverage, without blocking the pores. Obviously a product without irritating substances for the skin, but with sufficient active ingredients. And all in a splendid airless bottle with pump for preserving the product. But eventually, it worked!

Natural radiance

So, alongside the skincare range, Dr. Jetske Ultee now has a fine Foundation as well. One which disguises unevenness such as spots and pimples in a subtle, natural way and looks super on the skin. The cream blends well with your own skin colour and provides a light coverage without being noticeable. Thanks to the smooth, light texture the product glides on effortlessly. The Foundation contains nothing but mild soothing ingredients.

Foundation to equalise, not to tan

The Foundation is suitable for all skin types and is available in four shades. The shade which closest matches your own skin colour, is always the most suitable. Do not go for a shade which is darker so that it will give you a colour. A Foundation is intended for smoothing out skin and not to make it look brown, a blusher or Bronzing Powder is for that. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: Our Bronzer and Powder Using Make-up with Acne, Is That Ok?

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