New: Vitamin A Serum

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
New: Vitamin A Serum
No cosmetic substance has been researched as much in recent years as Vitamin A. This ingredient actually has a proven skin rejuvenating effect. And that is ultimately what we all want. We would like to introduce to you this new player in our skincare range.  Dr. Jetske Ultee has developed a special smooth serum with a unique form of Vitamin A.

Coincidental skin rejuvenator

It was actually discovered that Vitamin A was such a powerful rejuvenator in the 80’s. The ingredient was originally prescribed for people with acne. It was not only acne symptoms which appeared to improve after use, the skin also looked visibly younger. An interesting characteristic which either works or doesn’t work depending on the correct form of administration and concentration. And that is not so straight forward.

About Vitamin A in all its forms

Vitamin A comes in many forms, which are collectively known as retinoids. Most people will be familiar with the ingredient as retinol in cosmetics. The other well known, more medicinal form of the Vitamin A family is tretinoin or Vitamin A Acid. This substance has an extremely powerful effect on the skin structure and is a medicine. Vitamin A Acid is therefore only available on prescription. In the Netherlands, medicine with Vitamin A Acid is mainly used for acne conditions. The ingredient can cause irritation, particularly in sensitive skin. It is not customary to ask your doctor for a prescription to counteract the signs of skin ageing.

Unstable and irritating

But how does retinol work then? This is, as mentioned, the more accessible and freely available form of Vitamin A which is used in every day cosmetics. Retinol also has a proven effect in improving the skin structure. But retinol is pretty unstable and, as with Vitamin A Acid, the ingredient can cause irritation to skin. So, there is always quite a low concentration used in creams. And with this the effectiveness is automatically compromised.

Unique form of Vitamin A

So for this Serum, a new form of Vitamin A has been developed. A form with an extremely advanced effect, which also ensures minimal irritation of the skin. Whereas retinol first needs to be converted into an active form to be able to work in the cell, the active ingredient in this Serum (hydroxypinacolone retinoate) can bind in the cell directly. That makes the ingredient very effective.

What does the Serum do for the skin?

The Vitamin A Serum is not a replacement for the Moisturizer. It is, in fact, an effective addition to the basic products by Dr. Jetske Ultee, and is specially designed for the skin with signs of ageing. The Serum reduces fine lines and surface pigmentation spots. Alongside that, we know that Vitamin A helps counteract blocked pores, rough skin texture and acne symptoms. If you are experiencing unsettled or problem skin, then this new product can offer a fine mild, maintenance therapy. If you use the Serum over a longer period of time the skin will become smoother and more even. The active ingredient stimulates healthy cell division. With this the chemicals which break down collagen are halted. The skin structure will visibly improve.

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