Can You Combine Our Exfoliants?

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Can You Combine Our Exfoliants?
It is a question which pops up regularly: Can you use our Exfoliants together? Such as on a combination skin? Or skin suddenly becomes sensitive. How do you go about this? 

Dead skin cells make the skin dull

During the day skin sheds dead skin cells. But sometimes this automatic process doesn’t work as it should, for example, after your thirtieth birthday or if you have a problem with acne. The outcome: dead skin cells build up, the skin becomes dull and/or impurities worsen. There are various ways in which you can give a helping hand to the skin. One of the most well-known ways is scrubbing. Here you scrape the dead skin cells, as it were, from the skin thereby preventing unevenness and pimples. The drawback here is that the skin is easily damaged or irritated. Eventually spots and other blemishes just become exacerbated.

Combination skin, both Exfoliants?

An Exfoliant based on Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid reduces the bond between dead skin cells and the uppermost skin layer. This loosens the dead skin cells so that they can shed more easily from the skin. In this way the skin regains its fresh radiance. Salicylic Acid is more suitable for oily skin, impurities or sensitive skin. Glycolic Acid is again better for dry skin. But what should you do if your skin is both dry and oily and you could do with using both ingredients? In this situation our Exfoliants can be easily combined. You can apply the Exfoliant with 1% Salicylic Acid onto the oily parts, and the Exfoliant with 8% Glycolic Acid on the dry parts. You could also try applying the Exfoliant with 1% Salicylic Acid all over the face one evening and the Exfoliant with 8% Glycolic Acid the other evening. Try and find out what best works for your skin.

Introduce it gradually

When you begin exfoliating introduce it gradually. Start by applying a thin layer at night two or three times a week. If you want to start using both of our Exfoliants introduce the products one by one. In this way it will be easier to see how your skin reacts to each product separately. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: Treating Skin with Salicylic Acid Fresh Skin with Glycolic Acid

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