Our Bronzer and Powder

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Our Bronzer and Powder
After the launch of our foundation, Dr. Jetske Ultee has added a beautiful Bronzer, Powder and Powder Brush to the collection. Because the right skincare also requires good make-up. In this way you get the best out of your skin. 

Make-up without irritating ingredients

Obviously after applying good skincare products you also want the right make-up for your face. It is, after all, a waste of time using high concentrations of active substances, and then applying make-up with irritating substances on your skin. It wasn’t easy developing make-up with active substances, without irritating ingredients. But it has worked: alongside our fine Foundation we also have a soft finishing Powder and Bronzer.

Powder for the finishing touch

You can fix and mattify your make-up perfectly with our new soft translucent Powder. This will help keep your make-up in place for longer. The mild ingredients in the Powder make the product safe and suitable for sensitive skin, but also for around the eyes; the place where liquid make-up runs into fine lines easily. The Powder is also great for using on the more oily parts of the skin to mattify it. The translucent Powder is available in two colours: 10 and 30. If you use our Foundation shades 10 or 20, the Powder colour 10 is the best match. If you use our Foundation shades 30 or 40, then the Powder colour 30 is best.

Bronzer for a safe tan

We cannot emphasise enough that protecting the skin from UV rays is extremely important. But we are often asked how you can still get some colour in a safe way. That is now possible with our silky sun powder. This Bronzer gives a natural colour and a subtle sun kissed glow. The product contains nurturing ingredients such as dimethicone, shea butter, lecithin and jojoba oil, with no irritating substances. The Bronzer is therefore also very suitable for sensitive skin. You can apply the Bronzer over your Foundation and/or Powder. You can, of course, apply the Bronzer straight onto your (cleansed and nourished) skin.

Superior quality Powder Brush

Your make-up is best applied with a superior quality brush. Our Powder Brush is a full and softly rounded brush, with which to loosely apply both the Powder and the Bronzer. The brush is made by hand by an Italian family business which specialises in the manufacture of synthetic brushes. Therefore, no animal materials have been used. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: How to Choose the Correct Foundation Shade 4 Times Playing with Powder Our Fine Foundation 

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