4 x Playing with Powder

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
4 x Playing with Powder
When do you use a translucent powder? And how does a bronzer work? Four tips and tricks with powder. 
  1. Fix liquid make-up

A translucent powder – such as the Powder by Dr. Jetske Ultee- is very suitable for fixing your liquid make-up. This prevents things like your Foundation running into your fine lines. Furthermore, the product ensures that liquid make-up stays on for longer. A translucent powder can be evenly applied with a large loosely rounded brush, such as our Powder Brush.
  1. Mattify your skin

Do you not use liquid make-up? Then a translucent powder can still sometimes come in handy. What you can do is mattify the more oily parts of your face. Alongside this, such a product is ideal if you are a bit shiny after applying sun cream. By using a translucent powder the shine disappears. And if you notice that shine increases during the day, then add a dab of powder and you are good to go again.
  1. Create a natural tint and subtle glow

A tanned skin is a damaged skin. And eventually a damaged skin becomes an old skin. No matter how sun kissed that tan looks, it is best not to get it from the sun. Protecting your skin with a sun cream is therefore very important. But the drawback here is that you don’t get that sun kissed glow. Fortunately by using a fine Bronzer you can still create a natural glow. Try the Bronzer by Dr. Jetske Ultee. And one last tip: a natural glow will definitely not be achieved by using a foundation which is too dark…
  1. A radiant look

You can also use a Bronzer as eyeshadow. For this you apply the product on the eyelids, which creates depth and a radiant look.

How to: Foundation, Powder and Bronzer

Perhaps you are wondering about the correct order of application. Apply your liquid make-up (such as a foundation) after a sun cream. After that, fix your make-up with a translucent powder. And, as the last step, apply some colour to your face with a bronzer. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: Our Bronzer and Powder

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