Trixie | Juli 2022
Sun's out, mum's out ... With solar protection
By Trixie

Trixie | Sun's out, mum's out
Gepubliceerd: Trixie
Datum: Juli 2022
Door: Sanne van den Abeele

How can you best protect your child from the sun? That’s what Trixie asked dr. Jetske Ultee. Read her tips & tricks.


Sun’s out, mum’s out … With solar protection

The sun is peeping through the curtains, because yes, they are here! The summer days, full of endless fun and pure joy. To make this a truly carefree summer, there is one thing we must not forget: solar protection!

We asked Trixie mums and researcher Dr Jetske Ultee for help. What are the tips and tricks to protect your child from the sun? Because while the sun shines without a care, there are a few things to be mindful of!

Tip 1

Apply a new layer of sunscreen every 2 hours, because sunscreen loses its protective power. Be sure to also do this after a splash in the water.

Tip 2

Choose a sunscreen that you and your child both like. This is perhaps the most important thing! It will make you want to use it frequently and without reluctance.

Tip 3

Use sunscreen without perfumes and essential oils, as these can sometimes cause irritation after sun exposure. It is also best to choose a sun cream with one of Ultee’s favourite UV filters: Tinosorb (S, M & A2B), Uvinul A plus, Ensulizole, Mexoryl (SX & XL)

Tip 4

Children up to 6 months should be kept out of the sun and should preferably not use sunscreen. They have a much more sensitive skin than adults, and that skin contains less melanin (and it is melanin that protects against UV radiation).

Tip 5

Babies have more difficulty getting rid of their heat, so the sun is not very pleasant for them. Is there no other way? Then use UV-resistant clothing and a cap! Apply a good sun block to the still unprotected skin.

Ultee’s application tricks
> Make applying sunscreen as second nature as brushing your teeth; make it a daily routine.
> Let the children also apply the sunscreen themselves, as they are already quite capable of doing so.
> Draw things with the sunscreen. Can your child guess what you drew?
> Play the game: ‘Who can apply sunblock the fastest?