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A few months ago I was asked by MAMA magazine if I would give some tips for hair. Although I normally write about skin issues on my blog, I would also like to share this with you….After all you can also see a Dermatologist about hair problems. So just this once:

Brittle nails and thin, frizzy hair
If you suffer from brittle nails and thin, frizzy hair it may be that your Biotine (Vitamin B3) level is on the low side. Through various investigations it has been shown that Biotine makes your hair (and nails) strong and shiny and can also reduce hair loss. Biotine doesn’t actually work in shampoos as Biotine cannot easily absorb through the skin. It is better to take it orally in a supplement form or via food. It is found, in particular, in organs (kidneys, liver) yeast and royal jelly. Maybe best to just take it in food supplements then?

Be kind to your hair
Do you have the feeling that your hair just won’t grow any longer? Then it is largely possible that you are causing it…. Use more soft and stretchy bands in your hair and swap your brush for a more hair friendly version with more flexible and rounded tip bristles. Don’t comb your hair too often and not when it is wet. You’ll then see how fast your hair can grow!

No more problems from chlorine in the swimming pool
Make your hair wet before you go swimming. It makes it more difficult for chlorine to penetrate your hair and the risk of damage is reduced. This way you will also avoid blond hair turning green after doing a few lengths.

Shiny hair from silicone-like substances
Hair is dead; it is only the hair follicles that are made up of living cells. Damaged hair can be fixed temporarily but not brought back to life. Top ingredients which can temporarily improve the appearance of your hair are silicone-like substances. They are often displayed on packaging as Dimethicon or Cyclomethicon. These substances make your hair shiny without it feeling heavy. And that it will suffocate your hair is a myth.

A little less…
Research has revealed that the very powerful hairdryers which make a lot of noise and heat cause more damage to your hair, but don’t dry it any faster.

Dry or greasy hair?
Only use a de-greasing shampoo for greasy hair; if you don’t have greasy hair or scalp and you use a de-greasing shampoo then your hair will become dull and frizzy because the outermost layer of your hair will become damaged. A baby shampoo or a two-in-one shampoo is a good choice for dry hair.

…and again that sun…
Protect your hair from the sun! Wear a hat or hair product with UV protection. The more blonde the hair the more chance of damage. The hair pigments protect it. Your hair not only gets lighter, dull and frizzy from the sun, a large amount of UV damage even causes your hair to turn grey more quickly. Never noticed that you have more grey hairs around your parting? The sun has been damaging the hair follicles there un-noticed. And it is also really true, stress can make your hair go grey.
Regards Jetske
(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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