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The Recipe for Beautiful Skin

After an amazing dinner at de Librije, I decided that I would like to attempt to repeat the meal for some dinner guests. During the preparation I had a slight panic. Although everything is perfectly set out in the Librije’s cookbook, there were still a couple of challenges to overcome. It was not only pretty well impossible to acquire agar, smelt roe and free range chicken stock in our village, but for some explanations I really needed the presence of the chef himself, Jonnie Boer, in my kitchen. You get the picture by now; once again it was one of my ‘classics’ which was actually served up that evening. Luckily I do know more about the recipe for beautiful skin!

The shopping list

I can imagine that you sometimes feel a bit like I did at that moment and quickly resort back to the old trusted skincare formula. Because, although there is now quite a lot of information available on my blog, it still requires quite some effort to acquire a flawless skin. I am still convinced though, that you will eventually benefit from the advice. And if not now, then in any case you will over the next few years! The best way is to take it step by step. Firstly you need to have a number of good basic products in your bathroom cabinet. Below you will find the shopping list for beautiful skin:

For everyone:

  • mild un-perfumed facial Cleanser that can be rinsed off with water
  • Moisturizer or Serum with a high concentration of Vitamin C and preferably also Niacinamide
  • Petrolatum (or just ordinary Vaseline) or lanette cream
  • Sun cream factor 15/30

If you are over 30:

For spots:

For Tretinoine, Hydroquinone and Azelaic Acid you need a prescription from the Doctor. Not every Doctor is keen to prescribe these. In which case it can be worth your while making an appointment with a Cosmetic Dermatologist. Benzoyl peroxide is available over the counter at the chemist. Examples of the other products can be found on my blog under Product advice.

There are more blogs on my website on how you can have success with these basic ingredients in achieving beautiful skin on this website, so have a look around. If you need a bit more help then you can receive personal skincare advice. You can also, of course, always leave a question on my blog. As I am going to make another attempt at a “Librije worthy” meal this weekend, don’t expect any answers before Monday!

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee- Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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image: Carl Kleiner


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