• The Effects of the Sun; Twins

The Effects of the Sun; Twins

The American plastic surgeon Dr. Antell photographed hundreds of twins in order to see what effects external factors (sun, stress, smoking) have on skin. These photos of two sisters is a perfect example of what sunlight does. Whilst one sister remained living in Baltimore (on the right), the other moved to California where she became an avid ‘sun worshipper’. She subsequently spent a few summers in the scorching sunshine of China and Thailand and now lives on Hawaii.

Skin ageing

The ageing process is the same in each sister: they have wrinkles in the same place, the difference is that they are much more defined in the sister who has had much more exposure to sunshine. The wrinkles can be removed with an operation but unfortunately, due to the sunlight, the aged skin structure (a rougher skin structure with less elasticity) cannot.

These photos are a good example of what excessive exposure to sunlight does to skin. It is because of this that I am frequently saying that a sun cream is the best anti-wrinkle cream! And above all, keep smearing it in (SPF 15).

Regards Jetske

(Dr Jetske Ultee- Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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