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Green Cosmetics

The trend is ‘green’ especially when considering the reports given about dangerous and toxic substances in cosmetic products. So products will frequently also contain ‘natural’ ingredients. I often receive questions as to whether it is advisable to use these so called green cosmetics.

Green cosmetics good or bad?

In my view the use of natural ingredients in cosmetic products is not necessarily good or bad. You need to base your choice on the fact of whether the ingredients are effective and safe, in which case it doesn’t matter if they are natural or synthetic. Both natural and synthetic substances can be used without a problem, the important thing is that there is independent proof in the literature, that they are effective. That aside, there are lots of natural substances that can cause irritation. These are best avoided.


The claim of ‘natural’ in a product doesn’t really say very much. Here is a quote from an article in ‘De Trouw’ (a Dutch newspaper) that summarizes this perfectly:

“The term ‘natural’, that manufacturers like to put on their products, is not guaranteed. Most so called natural cosmetic and skincare products are not 100% naturally pure”, says Leo van Dam of the Netherlands Natural Cosmetics Association, the Netherlands. Van Dam: “If a beauty product contains one natural component, then it may be marketed as being ‘natural’.”

The idea that natural products are always good products is not necessarily true. In the coming time I will go further into the different aspects of natural ingredients: the efficiency, purity, the instability and safety.

Regards Jetske.

(Jetske Ultee – Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

You may also find the piece about angel dusting and the very small % ingredients in cosmetic products interesting reading.

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