2 posts from day 02/04/2021

A vitamin B5 supplement for spots?

Over the last few months I have been taking a closer look at various B vitamins. It’s fascinating how important these substances actually are for skin, hair and nails. I am staying with the letter B for now because I’d like to tell share more with you about vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid. Have you read about it before? This vitamin helps release energy from proteins and fats. Often though, you will also read that a vitamin B5 supplement can help prevent spots. This advice is popular, in particular, among people who frequently exercise, while at the same time suffer with their skin. You will see this quite often and may be for several reasons, for instance, diet, hormones or a combination thereof.

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The best diet for skin with acne and rosacea?

What food should you eat if you have acne or rosacea problems? Complete vegetarian? Should you, for instance, revert back to a primal diet or simply go gluten free? I’ve even heard that people with rosacea saw a significant improvement with a carnivore diet, meaning a meat only diet. Personally, I see a lot of benefits in the Mediterranean diet.

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