2 posts from day 21/08/2018

How to deal with mosquitoes (part 2: DEET)

Last week I talked about how best to treat mosquito bites. I also explained why those annoying pests may find your skin more attractive than your partner’s. I am now going to tell you more about the use of anti-mosquito treatment containing DEET. There is quite some concern about this and I receive lots of questions about it. How safe are those products, and are there alternatives?

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How to deal with mosquitoes and mosquito bites (part 1)

Those scorching temperatures of the last few weeks have of course been fantastic. It’s just a pity that the warm weather has also been so favourable for mosquitoes. They came early this summer. And there’s nothing worse than being bitten to death in your garden or bedroom. What can you do about mosquitoes? How can you relieve mosquito bites? And why does one person suffer more than another? There is so much on this subject, and so many questions I have received, that I am spreading it over two blogs.

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