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Sunny dilemma
A sunny dilemma

A couple of weeks ago I was on holiday with my family on a paradisiacal piece of earth below the equator. It was warm there, to say the least. As the only options to cool off were either under a palm tree or in the water, we spent a lot of time in the beautiful clear blue sea. However, that is when applying sun protection lapses… I was again reminded when I saw the discussion in the media, this week, about the importance of sun cream.

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After sun
The reason for after sun

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the programme Radar to speak about after sun products. I had to consider whether to do it or not, as I am not too keen on television presentations. In contrast to interviews for magazines, you have little control over what and how your story is broadcast. Some cutting and pasting can, in no time, make your carefully thought out statements sound very different than you intended. Having said that, I did give my story to Radar in the end. Because sun burn is so common. And the incorrect use of after sun can do your skin a lot of harm. For the purpose of clarity I have put it all down on paper for you.

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