2 posts from day 23/08/2017

A (miracle) cream for 500 euros?

No matter how hard I try, I am still unable to convince people of the fact that miracle creams do not exist. Good skincare products can make your skin firm, smooth and radiant again, but that requires a good deal of patience. Wrinkles that just melt away like snow? There is no such thing; honestly! And yet, more and more people have assured me lately that the cream which was demonstrated recently in the shopping centre, the outlet centre, the new warehouse or at a cosmetics party made their skin ‘in no time’ beautifully smooth again.

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The same products, big price difference

Expensive products are sometimes better in quality, but very often you are paying purely for the beautiful presentation, an exclusive marketing campaign and a feeling of luxury. As with clothing, bags and sunglasses, cosmetics is also an experience. Yet, ultimately you want value for money when buying something because of what it promises. So: can it also be cheaper?

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