All about your skin


Amongst all the ridiculous jars are also excellent products that you can safely use. And reliable, revolutionary ingredients, which actually help your skin, do exist. What they are and how can you best care for your skin, is exactly what you'll find in this book. Use this book als your guide, and soon you can enjoy having gorgeous skin.

Dr. Jetske Ultee

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“My Skin book is a guide to using safe products and even includes revolutionary ingredients which really are beneficial for your skin.”

Dr. Jetske Ultee: “Do you dream of beautiful skin? And have you, in pursuit of that dream, paid out a fortune for creams, lotions and serums? Then you have probably already long since realised that those products promise much but do little. The deeper I delved into the effects of cosmetics, the more shocked I became over the nonsense, the half-truths and the complete lies fed to us through adverts, TV commercials and labels on all those fabulous pots, bottles and tubes. Creams with lavender, citrus, mint, eucalyptus, alcohol? Products with oxybenzone? Leave well alone! Dr. Jetske Ultee puts all of her knowledge in this book. Read how, in a couple of months, your skin becomes smoother, more attractive and more radiant, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and which ingredients really matter. Armed with the knowledge in this book, the world of cosmetics will have no secrets from you any longer. For knowledge is power, definitely when it comes to skincare. Dr. Jetske Ultee’s Skin book gives the best skincare tips for every skin type and for each age group. For the elderly, for babies and sun worshippers. For people with acne, pigmentation spots or very sensitive skin. Invariably with the advice: what you should not do and above all; what you really should do. 



1. When do I receive the e-book?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a couple of minutes after purchase containing a link to download the e-book.   


2. What file do I receive the e-book in?

You receive the e-book in an ePub file. The ePub format is suitable for various devices, such as e-readers, pcs and smartphones. This format is not suitable for a Kindle e-reader. Do you have a Kindle e-reader? You can then order the e-book via


3. How often can I download the e-book?

Within a 30 day period you can download the file 5 times.


4. How can I read the e-book on my computer?

You can open the e-book on the computer with Adobe Digital Editions free download. You can also open it on the iPad, iPhone or other devices via e-reader apps.