"Smeer je in!"


Sun campaign

With the national campaign Smeer je in! Dr. Jetske Ultee is aiming to raise awareness about the importance of proper sun protection. “There is still a lot of unawareness and misunderstanding about the dangers and consequences of exposure to the sun.”   



Learn early

Small country or not, the number of skin cancer cases in the Netherlands is rising at an alarming rate. Ninety percent of these are due to sun exposure. Dr. Jetske Ultee: “Many people, for instance, do not realise that UVA rays also penetrate straight through clouds and glass. Or that the significant damage to skin occurs during childhood. As a Research Physician, but also as a mother of four, I want to devote my time to achieving safer sunbathing in the Netherlands. Starting in schools.”



Non-profit sun cream

The sun cream Suncover has been developed from Dr. Jetske Ultee’s Sunwiser Society. This product, with effective sun filters and mild ingredients, is non-profit making. It comes in a litre size bottle especially for schools, so that children can play outside safely during break times, lunch times and afterschool. Alongside this, teaching material is available in the form of digi-books, animations and short films, with assistance assistance from some Dutch celebrities.     


Can I enjoy the sun? Of course. But do it safely: Smeer je in!



Fans of 'Smeer je in!