Dr Jetske Ultee's Philosophy


All the products by Dr. Jetske Ultee have been created by Dr. Jetske Ultee herself. They are the result of years of research into skin problems and skincare.


Many skin problems caused by cosmetics

After studying Medicine and a PhD in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Dr. Jetske Ultee was employed as a Research Physician in Cosmetic Dermatology. “From the start it has amazed me how many skin complaints arise as a result of poor or incorrect use of cosmetic products. And so my scientific research towards better treatment, advice and products in the world of skincare began. My principal questions were continually: what has actually been proven, which ingredients really benefit the skin, and in which concentration?”



Products that really benefit

That research has delivered a treasure trove of refreshing, sobering insights into the truth and rubbish about cosmetics which Dr. Jetske Ultee has shared with an ever growing public over the past few years, on her own blog. Knowledge that she eventually used, after many requests, to develop her own products. Dr. Jetske Ultee: I am very pleased with the result: Skincare of a high quality which, furthermore, is pleasant to use. All of the products contain nothing but mild and active ingredients in high concentrations which really benefit the skin, and can improve and prevent disorders. In the meantime, for the perfect finishing touch, a wonderful make-up range has been created. These products also contain nothing but gentle, worthwhile ingredients.”


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Beautiful skin begins with the correct skincare. Interested to find out which products suit you? Take our skin analysis or ask advice from one of our skin experts at customer service.


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